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In The News For January 30, 2014




Hello everyone. I am very sorry that I have not updated in a while, but I stumbled on to something a few months ago and I have been running in circles trying to verify it's truth. Unfortunately, we have lost some of our informants due to the fear of texts, emails and calls being monitored. This includes our popular news reporter Susan of whom I have not heard from in the past few months.

I hate to tell everyone this, but due to the information's level of severity.... the disaster data that we have been keeping an eye on is just small peanuts compared to what I have discovered. The information that we used to publish on disasters only affects anywhere from a few people to maybe a couple of thousand all depending on the type of disaster. What I have discovered will affect millions if not billions of people.

Due to this new information, I have decided to create a whole new website for those who may be interested in keeping up with this new event. The new website is currently under construction and should be ready for viewing sometime next week. Our current website, 2013 Disasters Now, will be left up and running for those who wish to continue using the links on the Data pages to check on other disaster events, but may not be updated as often as our new website.

Once the new website is complete, I will send out an email notice to all of our members so they can go to our new website, check out our new information, read about our NEW PLAN and decide if they wish to join our new website or not. We will need at least 20 members on the new website to get it recognized in a few search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. After that, I will post a notice here about the new website so others can be redirected to it.

I know many of you are wanting to know what this new information is and why it is driving me to create a new website, but there is still time before the event will occur and this still gives us time to prepare for it. All I can say for now is that just going up on top of a mountain and setting up a new camp or home is not enough! Also, there will be some new items you will need to add to your survival supplies. If you have any electronic devices such as ham radios, emergency radios, flashlights, solar equipment, generators or anything that requires batteries, then you definitely will need to build a faraday cage for them. Just this little bit of information alone may give some of you an idea of the type of disaster that I will be publishing on our new website.

I will be adding videos on the new website that will help many of you understand the severity of the event and the news articles will confirm that the event WILL happen. I can only hope and pray that we can get enough people to join us both on the website and in our new plan for survival.

This new information could possibly put me in danger, but its worth the risk if I can help save the lives of at least some of you and your families. I will need everyone's help in getting the word out about the new website and try to help gather more members. The more we are, the stronger we are. We can and will survive. Feel free to leave any comments in our Forums and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

For now..... Stay Alert, Stay prepared and most of all.... STAY SAFE!

                                                                                                                                                      Joe Public, Founder of 2013 Disasters Now

January 30, 2014


In The News For November 12, 2013




Ok folks, I have received a few questions about preparations and Gridex 2.


First of all we are not 100% sure if it will affect the entire country or not. Out of all the research that we have done, we could not find any statements that told whether or not it would be just one small town, one county, one state or the entire country.


Second, I had one ask the question : "Wouldn't they have to air a special notice or alert warning of some kind on television before they cut the power off for those two days so people will have time to prepare for it since temperatures will be freezing on those days / nights in many areas?"

My answer to that is, not really. If you remember when we had that bus sized asteroid flyby not to long ago that passed between the Earth and the moon, there was some speculation as to whether or not it would impact on the Earth somewhere. We didn't get any warnings telling us to get in our bunkers / basements and prepare for a possible impact and in the mean time.... our president was safe and sound in the underground bunker in Colorado. At least HE would have been safe it had impacted. Nobody knew anything about that until the asteroid passed by safely without incident and we published that information here the next day. So no, they don't have to give the public any warning what-so-ever if they choose not to do so. Remember..... this is supposed to be a test to see the affects on the grid, governments and the people.


Third, please try to remember that we are a survivalist group. Groups such as ours try to stay prepared for any possible disaster that may occur. Preparing for a possible permanent grid failure is only one of the many disasters that we face every day. A grid failure can be caused in several different ways. First is that the grid gets turned off on purpose by the government and severe problems may occur that could keep it shut off for some time. Second, is a cyber attack that would shut down the grid. This type could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to fix. Third, is a Class X high category solar flare hitting the Earth directly. This will not only shut the grid down, but will also fry every single electronic device that is not protected by a faraday cage. In other words.... no power, no phones, no internet and no electrical transportation. Fourth is an EMP high altitude detonation over Kansas in the USA. This will have the same affects as a Class X high category solar flare.


We have to be prepared for any possible disaster that may happen, can happen and in many cases..... WILL happen. Being prepared for any type of disaster is what will keep many of us alive when it happens. Lets say that the grid does go down and several things occur that will keep it shut down. For those of us who ARE prepared, we wont have much to worry about. As for those who are NOT prepared, you will have to face the problems of obtaining food, water, heat during the cold months, medications and first aid supplies, a way to cook specific foods, people breaking into your home looking for the items mentioned and most importantly..... the safety of your family!


IF we do have this problem when they conduct the Gridex 2 test, please make sure that you have the proper items needed for your survival as a precaution. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes down to survival during a major disaster. Keep this in mind...... The Carington Event which occurred back in September 1 - 2, 1859 was a major Class X high category in the 30s solar flare which hit the Earth and fried all of the telegraphs in the USA and in Europe. If the same type of solar flare would hit the Earth in current times, it would be devastating. At least 90% of our daily lives involve the use of electricity, machines, vehicles and communication. Once this electrical luxury is severed, many people will not know what to do and chaos will set in. Death will occur in many forms, whether its by starvation, murder, accidental or even suicides. Estimated damage cost would be around $2.6 trillion US dollars in America alone.


Gridex 2 is reported to occur on November 13 - 14, 2013..... that's tomorrow folks! Please prepare now just in case.


I have tried to get information on a time that it will occur, but have not been lucky in doing so as yet. It could begin early in the morning, around noon, in the afternoon or sometime during the night. In any case, its best to be prepared when it does. If you are at work, check with your supervisor or manager as to whether you are allowed to leave or not (this is a job saver just in case we get the power back on after its over). Do not attempt to go to get gas, food or other items when it happens. Many stores will close and lock their doors during a blackout and gas pumps will not work. Your best bet is to go straight home or if you have children in school, then pick them up on your way home. Get your survival equipment out and ready to leave on the 15th if the power does not come back on. Remember.... you do not want to be in a heavily populated area right in the middle of the chaos at that time. Specific foods can be cooked in your home if you have a fireplace, wood burning stove or even a camping stove. Travel with a well known group that can be trusted if possible, as the old saying goes.... safety in numbers..... especially if you are with a group of fellow survivalists that are willing to help each other during the crisis.


I have been doing a lot of research over the past few days looking for more information on the Gridex 2 event and about the coming comet Ison. Unfortunately I do not have enough time to publish the articles or videos, so instead, I will post links to the articles and videos below. There are also a few other important articles on other things that you may want to know about. So click on the links to view them and when you are done..... GO FINISH PREPPING!



The secret, dirty cost of Obama's green power push - http://news.yahoo.com/secret-dirty-cost-obamas-green-051200204.html


Desperate survivors seek to flee typhoon zone - http://news.yahoo.com/desperate-survivors-seek-flee-typhoon-zone-013950704.html


Incoming Comet ISON Now Visible in Binoculars - http://news.yahoo.com/incoming-comet-ison-now-visible-binoculars-204849276.html


Emergency Kit Essentials - http://shopping.yahoo.com/video/emergency-kit-essentials-110500505.html?vp=1 (this is a very small basic kit)


How Big of a Threat Are Near-Earth Asteroids? - http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/beyond-the-headline-abc-news/big-threat-near-earth-asteroids-043828941.html?vp=1


Russian Fireball Fallout: Huge Asteroid Numbers Raise Stakes of Impact Threat - http://news.yahoo.com/russian-fireball-fallout-huge-asteroid-numbers-raise-stakes-121747077.html


Comet Ison new feed this time from the Chinese Space Radar (VIDEO) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YuH6Jsk-WM (Ison has two small companions orbiting it)


MARS ZAPPED BY ISON Mars interacts with Comet passing (VIDEO) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6hIszCmXyk


Comet Ison - Connecting The Dots (VIDEO) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62-o8BYjmq8


NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013 (VIDEO) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVLIJDXNXoo (This video has several Bigwigs talking about a power grid failure,.... MUST WATCH!)


Ok, that's all the time I have for posting today. If the Gridex 2 event does occur, keep in mind that we will be unable to publish anything during or possibly after that time depending on the situation afterward. If anyone has any questions, please go to our Forums page and leave a message there or go to the members page


In The News For November 9, 2013


Running Late For Today's Update.....


Sorry folks, but I will be running late updating today. My boss asked me to come in and work today, a rare occasion on Saturdays but it has to be done and it will be a little extra money in the pocket if things turn out differently from next week. So I will be going in to work as a just in case situation.


I will attempt an update as soon as I get home later this evening, so please keep checking throughout the day / night for the new updates.


Thank you and STAY SAFE!


Nov. 9, 2013


In The News For November 8, 2013


Government Blackout Drill


Get your survival supplies ready folks! On November 13 - 14, 2013 the United States Government will be conducting a drill that will be joined by Canada and Mexico to create a 2 day blackout. Now I have searched as much as possible to see if it was going to be done in a single small town or area, but no luck, so it may be very highly possible that a blackout will occur in all three countries during those days. Unfortunately I still have not found a time that this will begin, so just keep your supplies ready to be used on those days.


However.... there may be a secondary problem.


On November 14 - 15, 2013, comet Ison is due to pass and will be 15 to 16 times brighter than the moon and will be able to be seen over the United States even in daylight. The NASA photo of Ison shows one object with a very long tail, but I found someone who used a lighting technique on the photo and it shows three objects close together. Another possibility that could occur is that when Ison gets close to the sun, some solar events could occur that may even unleash large Class X solar flares. We have seen two Class X solar flares erupt from sunspot AR 1890 just within the past week, both were low in category and did not cause any problems for us. We do need to try to keep an eye on it though..... that is if we get our power back on.


There are some who speculate that Ison could have properties that could cause an EMP effect on the Earth or could somehow prevent the power from being turned back on. Another oddity about Ison is that all over the world, there have been some ancient stones and carvings on walls of the famous pyramid with the all seeing eye along with the constellation of Orion and something written in what was an unknown language. However, a German linguist translated the four symbols into the following letters : I S O N..... Ison! Currently comet Ison is almost in line with the constellation Orion. What a coincidence huh? Who knows what's going to happen when it will be closer to Earth? All we can do is wait and see.


Now back to the coming blackout.....


There are those who think it wont happen because of all the problems it would cause. Just remember folks, these are the same people who shut down and shut the national parks down as well as other places. What happened? They ended up losing a lot of money.


Also, there are those who worry about the hospitals and other places of importance. Don't worry about them, at least for now. They have backup generators that will keep them safe from harm...... unless we lose power and it doesn't come back on. Then they have until their gas runs out.


Get those battery operated heaters ready, get the thick plastic over your windows, get your thick winter clothes and blankets out and ready. Be sure you have a small grill or camping stove ready for cooking. Get a large cooler and a big bag of ice to place the items in your refrigerator into. Remember, as long as you do not open your freezer, the items will not thaw as quickly and should last for an extra day or two. After that, if the power does not come back on by the 15th, you may want to hold a big cookout with your family and neighbors so the meats do not go bad and are wasted. All other foods that are in cans, jars or are dry foods will last longer. Check the internet on a list of foods that wont go bad like honey, sugar and even peanut butter will last for quite a while. Make sure you stock up on medicines, medical supplies, antibiotics, and other items.


This could be it folks, the BIG ONE we have been expecting to happen, so please get ready while there is still time!


Make plans of what needs to be done to stay safe during the blackout and possibility of a long term blackout (4 to 10 years). If you feel that strengthening your home by boarding up windows on both sides may be necessary, then please do so at all costs. When the lights go out for more than a few hours, people start to go nuts and various crimes will be committed. Protect your family, your home and your supplies by any means you may have. Be prepared to leave your home if the power is still out on the 15th. Getting away from civilization will be your best bet at survival!


Ok, that's all I have time for today. I have to leave to pay some bills and get to work. I will continue to dig up as much information as I can about Gridex 2 and Ison tonight and tomorrow and will try to get it published as soon as I can. If anyone still needs the links to the other websites that we get our data from about solar activity, earthquakes, etc., please leave me a message in our Forums and I will Put those pages back up again. I had to temporarily take them down due to this important information that may affect those living in the USA, Canada and Mexico.


If the power does not come back on, then please do all you can to survive since we will not be able to publish anything during that time. Study up on your survival skills manuals and practice them over the weekend. Good luck to us all and as always..... STAY SAFE!!!


Nov. 8, 2013


In The News For November 7, 2013




Hi everyone. First off, you may have noticed that we have disabled a couple of our major pages on data. We have done this possibly only for temporary purposes. There is a super major event that will occur next week that will effect all those living in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Unfortunately I do not have time to add the article today, but will have it ready for you by tomorrow. In the mean time.... do a search on Gridex 2, Gridex ii or Gridex II, any of those searches should work. You can also find videos about it on YouTube.

The event will occur on November 13 and 14, 2013. Please be sure you have backup heating, plenty of warm clothing and blankets, a cooking grill, etc. I will try to get more up on our site by tomorrow.


Now, a quick explanation of why we have not updated in a while.

First of all I was laid off for the summer and have been playing catch up with my bills, secondly..... the internet and even our website has been compromised. Information will be limited for a while all depending on the outcome of events after the Gridex 2 event is over.


Please get ready as best as you can as quickly as possible. This could very well turn into a RED ALERT very soon!


I have to go now and get to work, so please check back as often as possible for our new update!

Good luck and STAY SAFE!!!


Nov. 7, 2013